High Street Social Club provides pathways to skills, confidence, networks and community engagement all in an environment where young people feel comfortable and encouraged.
Conceived as an integrated, social, arts and community space, with strong links to the street sports community, the Club is now in its first stage.
High Street Social Club works with young people helping them engage with small business and organisations, find meaningful employment and help develop ideas and projects that better our youth community.
It’s especially designed for those without formal qualifications, who don’t fit comfortably into our existing public systems and seek to further themselves and our community.
We have begun working with local councils to create events that are developed and run by our participants "Young events for Young people" On the tail of the Highly successful "Wild in the Streets" BMX Jam held in 2017 we are already working on a follow up for Youth Week 2018 and by all means it looks like it's gonna be another cracker!!
Combining our work in the South Australian Adult Community Education arena and our passion for street sports and youth culture we find ourselves in a unique position of being able to create events with young job seekers and translate that experience into practical skills and increased employ-ability.
We are always on the look out for like minded individuals to come and join us in any capacity as long as they are passionate about making Adelaide a better place to live and be entertained for young people